Who are We?

Dr. Tej A. Shah (Owner / Dentist)

Dr. Tej A. Shah was born and raised in Dover, NH and has spent most of his life in the New England area. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 with a degree of Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction. He then worked for Lockheed Martin as a software engineer making video games to help train the U.S. Marines.

Dr. Shah then did the most logical next move: go into dentistry! He graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 2015 and has worked in many different dental clinics in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Because Dr. Shah had a different career before becoming a dentist, he is able to see dentistry from an outsiders’ point of view.

Dr. Shah understands the need for full transparency between the doctor and the patient and the role that patient education plays in successful treatment. Dr. Shah is committed to helping the patients help themselves.

Dr. Shah also recognized a way to bring entertainment to the dental chair to soothe his clients. Bringing his love of video games, movies, and music to his dental practice has provided a calming distraction for his clients, who thank him for the most pleasant dental experience they’ve ever had.

In his free time, Dr. Shah plays plenty of video games (his favorite being the Final Fantasy series), watch movies and design software.

Jaden Daugherty-Dixon (Assistant)

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