What Makes Us Different?

  • Distraction Dentistry = Relaxation Dentistry

    We understand that for some patients, dental anxiety is real. We have found that a fun distraction works wonders in calming the senses naturally. And who doesn’t love an entertaining distraction?

    Distraction is also extremely effective for active children who have a difficult time sitting still. Parents can relax knowing that their child is happily occupied while getting gentle treatment to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

  • Need a Dentist On the Weekend? We’re Open Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    We know that between jobs, schools, and transportation needs, not everyone can visit the dentist during the traditional weekday hours.

    That’s why we intentionally opened our doors to patients on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We don’t want work or school to get in the way of preventative oral health.

  • We schedule you based on what you need

    We don't have a "new patient" form; we have a "new patient interview". We find out your needs before your first visit. From there, we have an understanding what you are looking for and can schedule you accordingly.

  • Built from the ground up with COVID in mind

    By building the practice from scratch in the year 2020, we can design a practice that already has defenses against COVID rather than having it as an afterthought. We have a screening isolation room before patients are allowed in the waiting room. All of our operatories are a closed system that expunges air rather than recirculate it. This also allows us to put negative pressure in each room to prevent any cross-contamination. We also have a state of the art sterilization and a mouse/keyboard free EHR system not used anywhere else.

  • "Preventistry" to a new level

    Clean a patient’s mouth: it is a clean for a day. Teach a patient to clean their own mouth, you have a clean mouth for a year. There is a surprising amount of work that you, the patient, can do on your own without our help and we want to teach you how. Our goal is to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to stay cavity free.

    Our main goal is to prevent problems before they happen. With regular cleanings and proper tools and oral hygiene, our patients can enjoy a clean mouth and stay cavity free.

  • No Dental Plan? No Problem!

    Having a dental plan isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Although we accept most dental plans out there, we also provide our own “worry free” membership plans in which you pay a fixed amount per month. That way, you can plan your own finances without getting an unexpected bill.

    Whether you don’t have insurance at all, or your insurance doesn’t provide the right coverage, we have cash payment plans for all of our patients.

    We are in network with Delta Dental and we do accept several other private dental plans, but feel free to call our office to confirm your current coverage.

    For alternate payment plans, we accept American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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